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Couples Therapy

Whether you’re here to create new healthy patterns of behavior, or build on existing healthy behaviors, this therapy is for you! Couples Therapy is designed to meet you where you are and give you the tools to grow and flourish as a couple.

During Couples Therapy, you will complete an assessment, which will help guide the therapist in choosing the tools that will best meet your needs. Couples Therapy is generally a weekly or bi-weekly program that takes place over six months but can be adapted to fit your needs. Each session is 60 minutes long and is normally accompanied by weekly “homework.”


Family Therapy

Family can mean many different things and whether your whole family unit is in need of some new tools for healthy functioning, or two people within the family unit, this is for you. Family Therapy can be helpful when one parent (or both) is having troubles with a child, when siblings are not able to communicate effectively, or when there are issues going on outside of the family that the family needs help adapting to.


This therapy can take place as much as once per week or a little as once per month and can be adapted to fit your family’s needs. Schedule a phone consultation today to see how family therapy can benefit your family!


Discernment Therapy

Discernment Therapy is a great option if one or both of you are considering divorce or separation. Often, one partner wants to work on and “fix” the relationship and the other is leaning more toward parting ways, and this program can help both of you find a resolution to this problem. Note- this therapy is not intended to work on the problems, but to give each of you space to explore your options and come to a decision on whether or not you will continue forward together.


This program is time-limited (1-7 sessions maximum), where you will each meet individually with the therapist, and then together with the therapist at the end. Each session is 60 minutes in length. Discernment Therapy is “successful” when both people have found clarity, confidence, and understanding, even if it is painful.


Goals of Discernment Therapy:

  1. Clarity about what might have gone wrong, what you want, and what’s next (based on what you want)

  2. Confidence about the next steps for your relationship

  3. Understanding what has happened in the relationship and what each of you has contributed


Possible Paths:

  1. End the relationship (deciding to move forward with separation or divorce)

  2. Commit to a six-month period of time for an all-out effort in couples counseling to preserve the relationship

  3. Stick with the status quo (we understand that sometimes there are multiple factors keeping you from reconciliation or separation)


Discernment Therapy is not permitted when...

  • One person has made a final decision to end the relationship and is pursuing therapy to encourage the other partner to accept their decision.

  • One person is coercing the other with a threat of any kind.

  • There is danger of domestic violence or physical harm.

  • When there is an order of protection from the court.


Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy is a wonderful option for all seeking therapy. This therapy can cover everything from depression, anxiety, trauma processing, and more. Individual Therapy is for all ages and genders and we have different therapists trained to work with different populations.

Please check out our Welcome page for more information on our team and which therapist is right for you. 


Pre-Marital Therapy

Congratulations on your engagement! Investing in your relationship through Pre-Marital Therapy is one of the best things that you can do to ensure that you start off on the right foot and build healthy rituals to create lasting joy together. Research reviewing numerous premarital therapy effectiveness studies found that couples who participate in pre-marriage preparation report an average of 30% stronger marriage than couples who did not participate in pre-marriage preparation (Stanley, Amato, Johnson & Markman, 2006).


This program is a weekly or bi-weekly program, consisting of 60-minute sessions. Using the Gottman Method, you will complete an assessment and begin using the tools to create a healthy and satisfying relationship, as well as process differences, and plan for the future. Don’t wait, schedule your first session today!


Goals of Pre-Marital Therapy:

  • Explore areas of strength and needed growth

  • Strengthen communication skills

  • Identify and manage major stressors

  • Learn how to resolve conflict

  • Develop a more balanced relationship

  • Understand personality differences and maximize teamwork

  • Explore family of origin issues

  • Discuss financial planning and budgeting

  • Establish personal, couple, and family goals


Marathon Couples Therapy

This program is an intensive Couples Therapy, taking place over two consecutive days. Each day comprises of two, three-hour sessions, with a break for lunch in between. Marathon Couples Therapy is perfect for couples traveling to receive couples therapy, or those who are not able to commit to regular sessions. In order to receive Marathon Couples Therapy, you must complete a phone consultation and be accepted into the program by the therapist.


Private Training

Owner and founder, Claire Zwerk, LMSW is trained and ready to provide a variety of different speaking engagements. This includes a lecture, training, or presentation. She is able to customize and create workshops to specifically meet your needs. Interested in having Claire Zwerk, LMSW speak at your event or lead a private training? Contact Claire to schedule and get pricing information.

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